If your pain is the result of an accident within the past year and you have a diagnosis from your physician or chiropractor, s/he can write a prescription for massage. With a prescription, you can submit your massage expenses to your car insurance company. Just have your doctor fax me a prescription stating how many 1-hour massage sessions you should receive. With your doctor's diagnostic codes, I will provide you with the necessary documentation so that you can submit your massage expenses for reimbursement by your auto insurance. My fax number is 812-704-5817.

If your physician has recommended complex decongestive therapy (which includes measurements, manual lymphatic drainage massage and bandaging) for edema or edema-related complications, s/he can write a prescription for massage too and you can submit your expenses to your health insurance company. Complex decongestive therapy is routinely covered by insurance if you have a doctor's prescription for it. I can provide you with the necessary documentation if you intend to submit the expenses to your insurance for reimbursement due to lympedema or edema-related complications such as cellulitis. If this is your plan, we will need to allow an additional 30 minutes for measurements at the beginning and again end of each treatment week. If the goal is to get you into a compression garment at the end of treatment, we will also need to allow additional time for bandaging following the massage, including instruction so that you can learn to bandage yourself.