There are many possible reasons for headaches including

  1. stress,
  2. poor body mechanics,
  3. sinus infections and
  4. chemical imbalances.

Both stress and poor body mechanics can result in increased muscular tension. Most headaches are caused by increased muscular tension restricting blood flow. For people who suffer from these kinds of headaches, massage frequently brings relief.


Most migraines are chemical in nature. On occasion, people think they are suffering from a migraine when the problem is actually caused by trigger points lurking in muscles. In fact, researchers have actually linked some migraines to too much tension in suboccipital muscles.


If you are prone to sinus infections causing headaches, once your infection clears, you might consider getting regular massage to help keep your sinuses clear.

Whether your suffer from headaches brought about by stress, poor body mechanics or sinus or even migraines, give massage a try. Contact me to schedule a session for my headache protocol which includes massage and stretching.