My name is Kari Nusterer and I would like to help your body heal itself by relaxing your muscles and restoring normal muscle function. I want you to live with less pain so that you can live the fullest life possible.

I'm a former IT consultant who went back to school at Advanced Massage Therapeutics in Louisville, Kentucky because I wanted to do more than help companies make a greater profit. I am a process-oriented person and believe in looking at your body's dysfunction in a systematic fashion to understand the root cause of your pain.

Massage has been an incredible benefit to me. I was born with torticollis (a congenital condition that causes neck troubles) and when I was 10 years old, I dislocated 5 out of 7 cervical vertebrae in a bad tumbling maneuver. Thanks to massage, I have more mobility in my neck today than I had when I was a teenager learning how to drive and checking blind spots by turning at the waist instead of the neck. Massage was also an incredible benefit to me when recovering from Lyme disease and after a recent car accident. I regularly get manual lymphatic drainage (a type of massage) now to keep my immune system in top form.

When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, visiting national parks, kickboxing and skiing.