From a client with fibromyalgia:

This massage was a departure from any I'd ever had, and that was a very good thing. It actually targeted issues and problem areas functionally instead of just being an overall "relaxation" massage (which are also good, but not what I need). I cannot think of anything that needed to be better: more of this please!

From a client with sciatica and hip pain:

It was excellent, very purposeful targeting specific areas. I was amazed at the slow pace and big releases down my right hip.

From a client with whiplash:

[Kari] did a great job assessing prior to the massage and explaining her goals to help my issues. Very intuitive touch, pressure & pace. She found several areas that I didn't realize I had. Very good at teaching.

From a runner:

I look forward to coming here every time because of the positive environment and because of how relaxed I feel afterwards. The stretching and massaging has had a significant impact on my cross country and is so beneficial. I love coming here to get my muscles loosened up, but also because of how much I learn!