Are you suffering from sciatica and hoping to avoid surgery? Have you had surgery but still suffer from sciatica symptoms? Sciatica is caused when the sciatic nerve is impinged and can cause pain, numbness and tingling. Pressure can be put on the nerve by vertebral discs, muscular tension or arthritic conditions. In some cases, tight muscles will contribute to disc misalignment because some muscles are actually attached to the discs themselves and occasionally will pull the discs out of proper alignment! Other muscles that are not attached to the discs can also directly trap your sciatic nerve if they are too tight.

If you have sciatica, give me a call to schedule an appointment. I will do a thorough assessment of your muscles looking for possible culprits of this painful condition and massage your body to try to free your muscles so that they are no longer resulting in pressure on that nerve. Once you're symptom free, you and I can develop a plan to help you minimize the likelihood of the symptoms returning.