Whiplash often results from car accidents, falls or being tackled while playing football. If you have been in a car accident, your pain from whiplash may become almost immediately apparent or, if you have a lot of adrenaline pumping through your body after the accident, the pain may take a few days to manifest itself. I urge you see a physician or chiropractor within a few days of your accident or fall if you have any symptoms of whiplash, no matter how minor. Symptoms can include general soreness and stiffness, neck or back pain, headaches, muscle spasms, shoulder or arm pain, vertigo, numbness and tingling, chest pain, tinnitus and more. After car accidents, you might also have hip pain, knee pain, wrist pain and so on. The force of a car crash moves through the body's soft tissues in extraordinary ways. Range of motion is often severely limited with whiplash and other car crash-related injuries. 

I will thoroughly assess your muscles using a specific massage protocol to identify which muscles throughout the body have been impacted by your whiplash injury.

My heart truly goes out to you if you're suffering pain from a traumatic accident. I have been in multiple car accidents in my life including one toward the end of my massage training in which my car was rear ended. That relatively minor accident resulted in severe headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, right hip pain, right knee pain and numbness, tingling in my left hand and later strange auditory experiences. Through a combination of massage and chiropractic care, my healing was accelerated and my pain was quickly reduced and nearly gone after just 6 massages and 10 chiropractic appointments. Accelerate your body's recovery, schedule a massage today.

Please read this page for more information on accident billing documentation.